Loke wants to partner with you.

We are currently seeking developers, publicity, and investment opportunities to help us execute the most ambitious vision for skateboarding's future ever.

At Loke, our vision is to connect the worldwide skate community around competitions, spots, challenges, sessions, media, events, brands, social opportunities – basically everything that makes skate culture so rad and unique.

We’ve seen almost 24,000 skater-contributed spots, from huge public skateparks in Kansas to cutty street spots mapped in far-flung parts of the
world like Afghanistan and Uganda – kids are taking up skating all over the globe.

Our skate spots feature a vast amount of video, photos and media content from the past to present - a time capsule for each skate spot. 

Loke is inclusive, and we see a world where skaters can bring value regardless of their technical ability. Go huge? Got you. Go tech? Got you. Cinematographer? Got you.

Loke co-founders, Andrei Juradowitch and Terry Newman, have been avid skaters since the early 90s, deeply embedded in skate culture as teenagers on the beaches of Sydney, Australia.

Moving to NYC over 10 years ago, their lack of familiarity with the local skate scene made it difficult to know where to skate and who with, ultimately spurring the idea of Loke – a platform to simplify how skaters connect, skate together, and share content.


Between them is over 30 years of combined experience in design, marketing, and technology, working as Directors for companies such as Quirky, VTS, and The Moving Picture Company on global brands like Sony, Samsung, Snapchat, LG, Mercedes, Snapchat, Chevrolet, and Coca Cola, just to name a few. We know skating and we know apps.

The Loke team comprises talented problem solvers by the way of designers, software engineers and film-makers, alongside numerous skater volunteers sourced from the Loke community.

For all press and investor inquiries, contact krista@getloke.com

For developer, research, and game design opportunities, contact terry@getloke.com

For advertising, media, and design opportunities contact andrei@getloke.com